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Personnel from Chariot Enterprises have been involved on projects and development efforts with the following:

Albany International Group



Home Renovations & Repairs, LLC

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 Client Feedback: "...without whose expert leadership would leave all of us struggling to find our way through the 'AQP' maze." - Director of Flight Training and Standards 

 Client Feedback: "…[T]he image we were trying to project…I can assure you that the Board of Directors and over 300 homeowners…have scrutinized our website…All comments are saying thank you for a job well done." - Association Manager

Client Feedback: " looks great!...Your ideas have been very helpful...enabled us to increase our occupancy rate...saves us money!" Chris Foster, Board Member 

 Client Feedback: " to be the most inviting and appealing...extremely useful and easy to navigate; the information it contains is readily accessible and easily found. The feedback I receive from the members of our organization confirms my impression - most (if not all) agree that our site is the best one out there, both in appearance and functionality." - Col. Lee Hess (Ret'd), Chairman, Board of Directors

 Client Feedback: "You accomplished more in a few short years than all the previous administrations combined." - Managing Director, Flight Operations Training

 Client Feedback: " of the most innovative and comprehensive programs in the industry..." - FAA AQP spokesperson. 

 Client Feedback: "The website was were crystal clear and the information was professional...Your business was first class and responsive to the needs of the customer...You were tremendously eager to help...You made it seem easy and you were most patient...I definitely benefited from having a website during my campaign..." - Alexis Tibbetts, Superintendent of Schools.