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As the commercial aviation industry approaches implementation of the proposed rewrite of FAR Part 121, Sub-Parts N & O, many air carriers are revisiting the FAA’s Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) as an alternative to their current pilot (as well as flight attendant, dispatcher, and maintenance) training program(s).  As such, I thought that it would be good for the AQP community to have a resource at their disposal that might amplify on the program specifics contained in the FAA's Advisory Circular, AC 120-54, Advanced Qualification Program.
With over 15 years of experience managing and developing AQPs, I have seen just about every challenge that can be thrown at an air carrier's AQP.  I have been an AQP Manager with a major air carrier (1994-2003) and have provided consulting services to several airlines over the past six years (see Clients).  I have developed Job Task Lists (JTL) and Qualification Standards (QSD) for a myriad of fleets to include the A-300, B-717, B-727, B-747, B-757, B-767, and the DC-8 - two, three, and four engine fleets with either two or three pilot crews as well as Flight Attendants and Instructor/Evaluators (I/Es).  I have worked with commercial airline passenger fleets as well as freight haulers.  I have also developed Curriculum Outlines for Indoctrination (Indoc), Qualification (Qual), and Continuing Qualification (CQ) curricula.  Finally, I have developed databases and software to support development and dissemination of an air carrier's Program Audit Database (PADB) as well as the collection, analysis and reporting of data contained in both the Performance/Proficiency Database (PPDB) and the FAA's Performance Data Report (PDR).
Please bookmark this page to see if additional topics have been posted or follow my blog, TJ's Musings, for announcements on additional topic postings.  For those interested in additional information on developing or implementing your Advanced Qualification Program, I encourage you to contact me so that we might further discuss your needs.
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