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Information Management Specialists - "Helping You Make Better Use Of Your Business Data"​ ​

Chariot Enterprises offers small and medium businesses affordable information management services that focus on helping customers:
 Reduce costs
 Increase worker efficiencies
 Strengthen customer relationships
 Capitalize on new markets
We now offer Office 365 subscriptions and support:
​ ​

Download the complimentary Office 365 Quick Reference Guide.

 We strive to integrate our services with your existing information systems in order to reduce your implementation costs to the lowest possible level. Our services include, but are not limited to:

 Web site design with emphasis on database integration, BI dashboards and reporting (ASP.NET, SharePoint Designer, Office 365, SSRS)

 Remote team collaboration (SharePoint, Office 365

 Database development (SQL, MSAccess)

 Data analysis (Excel, SSAS)

 Operations research

 Research services

 Market analysis

 These activities are part of what is called, collectively, Business Intelligence” or simply BI.



We have introduced a new section on the FAA's Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) for the convenience of our commercial aviation customers searching for additional information on this topic.

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